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Orange Moon Over Khartoum (2009), by Osman Mia
16x20 inches, acrylic and pastel on paper

Congratulations on deciding to purchase this piece titled Orange Moon Over Khartoum. The price is USD650 plus shipping cost.

Before we proceed, there are a few things you should know.

1. I have done my best to make the images of the painting as representative of the original as possible, but I still cannot guarantee the accuracy. From photographing the painting to displaying it on computer, the colours may be off, the image may be distorted, the edges may have been cropped. Additionally, I usually apply the varnish after photographing, and may even have made minor touch ups prior to varnishing.

My paintings are available for viewing in Putrajaya, Malaysia. If you can make it here, then please view the painting first hand to satisfy yourself that it is indeed as you expect. Please inform me in the form below to set an appointment.

2. For paintings on canvas, the size described is reasonably accurate. For paintings on paper, however, the size described is the size of the original paper that was painted on without taking into account the natural borders left around the paper, i.e. the edges that were untouched by paint. Therefore, for paintings on paper, the actual painting area is smaller than the paper and the size described.

3. Except for paintings on canvases with thick sides, my paintings come framed. The painting price is inclusive of the frame. I hope you like the frame I have chosen, but you may change the frame at your own cost.

4. I will continue to display the painting on my website and other places, and use it as promotional material. I may display your identity as the buyer of the painting unless you explicitly advise me not to do so. I may continue to sell prints of the painting, though I am open to discuss a new sale price that excludes the option of me continuing to sell prints. Please inform me below.

5. The minimum charge for international delivery is USD100. Standard international delivery is via sea freight. For heavier paintings, because they are large or framed, the cost may be more. Delivery by express courier may cost more.

6. I believe that you will absolutely love my painting. However, I accept returns provided that I receive the painting undamaged and within 30 days from the date the painting left my premises. I will refund you the price of the painting only.

7. Payment must be via Paypal or bank transfer. After receipt of your form below, I will contact you to confirm the availability of the painting and the cost of shipping, and I will provide you my bank account details if you're paying by bank transfer. I will reserve the painting for you for three working days for you to remit payment.

So, if you agree to these terms, please give me your name, email address and phone number below. You may also write me a message, ask questions and request to view the painting personally.


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