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How to Be Happy

There are three things you need to work on, then you'll be happy

13 April 2020
am blessed to be able to say that I am among those who are happy. I'm not talking about the occasional happiness when things turn out well; this is constant happiness that's there at all times. It doesn't mean that I don't have problems. But the problems seem small and, always at the back of my mind, I know they will be resolved.

So these three things you can do will lead you to happiness. They will give you contentment and a sense of worth, and you will always have something to look forward to.

1. Strengthen your willpower

Keep your mind from negative thoughts. Never blame others for your troubles and never see yourself as a victim.

Keep away from anger, arrogance and negative emotions. Be humble or, at least, act it.

Keep yourself from falling to temptations. I don't mean the occasional cake. I mean temptations that you know in the long run cause you problems or make you lose out on something good.

Do what is right and what is good, not what is easy. That includes taking up tasks and doing a good job at them.

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2. Strengthen your faith

Believe that God will take care of things for you. If you cannot believe, then imagine it. It increases your confidence in everything you do and gives you charisma.

Build up your love for God. You will build up a feeling that God loves you, too. This further gives you confidence, but it also builds up a sense of fulfilment that you would not get elsewhere.

3. Be clean

Be clean both physically and mentally. Keep your mind, your body and your surroundings clean.

Keep away from toxic people. These are miserable people who will either get you into trouble or waste your time. They are not worth the willpower you have to expend on them.

Cultivate good practices and habits. Cut your fingernails weekly. Clean the dishes after each meal. Be organised.

The three items above are interlinked and that's why you must work on all three at the same time. Faith gives you the strength to use willpower and be clean. You need willpower to follow your faith and to be clean. And being clean makes it easier for you to have faith and willpower.

Work on them and not only you'll suddenly find everything working for you, but that you are happy.



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