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The Ice-Shaken Milk Coffee

Delicious ice-cold ice-shaken milk coffee

19 March 2020
nspired by the Starbucks ice-shaken double-shot espresso, this is my version that you can easily make at home. While the Starbucks coffee is only 150ml and is usually too little to satisfy, at home you can make it 200ml, 400ml or even more.

The 200ml Version

You'll need a 200ml glass and a tall glass that can hold 300ml. The melted ice and the foam will require extra space; that's why you need the 300ml glass.

1. Start with a 200ml glass. Make coffee as you normally would but make it 50% more coffee and only add a little hot water. In the 200ml glass, the coffee would be 1cm high at the most. This is our equivalent of a double-shot espresso. We make the coffee stronger because later the melted ice will dilute it, and ice-cold coffee tastes better stronger.

I've previously mentioned that I use slightly expensive instant coffee when I make coffee at home. It is no different in this case. Instant coffee works.

2. Add sugar but add 3x more sugar than you normally would for your milk coffee. For my flat whitish, I only put add 1 teaspoon of sugar. But for the ice-shaken milk coffee, I add three teaspoons of coffee. It's because later the sugar will be diluted with melted ice, and because ice-cold coffee tastes better sweeter.

Also, add a pinch of salt. It makes a difference.

3. Add the milk to the glass or cup. Right now you'll have very sweet robust milk coffee.

4. You'll need a container you can shake the coffee in. The opening must be big enough for you to pour the coffee easily, and when you close it, it must seal tightly. I use a flask. Add six cubes of ice into the flask.

Pour the milk coffee in the flask. Almost every time, I'd see some sugar left over in the 200ml glass. I try to wash it off by pouring a little bit of milk into the glass, then shaking it a little, and then pouring it into the flask. It's ok to add more milk into the milk coffee.

5. Close the flask tight. Shake it rigorously until the coffee gets ice cold. If your flask is a vacuum one, you won't be able to feel the temperature, and you'll just have to guess. It takes maybe 30 seconds of shaking.

6. Finally, open the flask and pour the coffee into the 300ml glass. Whoa! Look at the ice-cold foam. Using the flask cover, try to hold any remaining ice from falling into the glass. But it's not a big deal if one or two gets through.

There you have it. Enjoy the coldest, tastiest milk coffee.

The 400ml Version

You'll need a glass that can hold 500ml. And you'll still need the 200ml glass.

Do the same as the above, but you'll have to make twice as much coffee. And five teaspoons of sugar instead of three. When you add the hot water, it should be 2cm high at the most. Then pour in the milk.

The flask must be big enough for double the amount of coffee with room to shake. Add nine cubes of ice.

Pour the coffee into the flask. Then fill the 200ml again with milk, and pour the milk into the flask.

Seal the flask and vigorously shake it until the liquid inside becomes ice cold.

Finally, pour the contents of the flask into the 500ml glass.




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