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Here's a Product to Measure Your Body Fat and Muscle

The Mi Smart Scale is practical and affordable scale you could use

5 April 2020
t used to be that a scale that can measure your body fat, visceral fat and muscle mass would cost upwards of USD400. These battery-operated scales send a very small electric pulse through you and analyse the returning current. You don't feel a thing.

The Mi Smart Scale from Xiaomi costs only USD40. In Malaysian Ringgit, that's MYR150. Which is very affordable.

Before owning one, I used to go to a fitness equipment shop in a nearby mall to get a reading on my fitness metrics. They have a big scale that gets its power supply from an electric socket, not batteries. It wasn't convenient and so I only do it once a month. But with the Mi Smart Scale at home, I can get my measurement every day. And then I can adjust my calories intake and exercise immediately, something I could not do before.

How to Use it

To use the Mi Smart Scale, you need to download the companion app, called the Mi Fit. You enter your details on the app, i.e. your age, sex and height, and pair the app with the scale. Pairing is easy. Just step on the scale with your mobile device nearby and the app open.

How Accurate is It?

I don't know exactly how accurate it is, just that it is accurate enough. It tells me if my goals are slipping out of reach. So if my body fat rises three days in a row, I know that I've been eating too much.

It tells me, too, how much muscle I still need to build. Only thing is that my priority, for now, is to reduce my body fat. I think it's too high, you see, and I want to bring it to a healthier level before focusing on my muscles. This is the kind of conclusion I could make by having the scale.

How to Use It

I take my measurements just before breaking my fast every day because that is the time my body's glycogen stores are at their lowest. The scale seems to count my glycogen stores as body fat even though they are really mostly water. And I take my measurements naked because I don't want the weight of my clothes to count as part of my body weight.

There are other brands out there if you prefer. Perhaps you will find them to be a better overall value even if they are more expensive.

But otherwise, you should consider getting the Mi Smart Scale to help you reach your body fat and muscle goals.

P.S. I have not been hired by Xiaomi to promote their product.



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