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The Precautions to Take Against Covid-19

These combined four actions can protect you against the disease

13 March 2020
his is from a recent talk by Mawlana Shaykh Mehmet.

Mawlana said that it is an order from Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) that we do not bring illness to others and therefore not to travel if we would do so. It is also an order from the Prophet that we take precautions first before leaving things to Allah's will.

The emergence of the coronavirus, i.e. the virus that causes Covid-19 is a sign of Allah's might and a reminder of how weak we are.

These are the actions Mawlana tells us to take:

1. Be clean

Both physically and spiritually. So be physically clean by washing your hands and bathing, especially after touching something or being somewhere that may have the virus. Hand sanitizers with 60% alcohol can be used to wash your hands when soap and water are not available. Keep your clothes and environment clean too.

In another talk by Mawlana, Mawlana said that the first thing in being spiritually clean is professing faith in Allah and His Messenger Muhammad (s.a.w.).

2. No hugging and no kissing hands

I take it that this means not to make unnecessary physical contact with others. The advice to keep a distance of 1m from others is good, God willing.

3. Give charity

4. Pray

And then, to depend on Allah to protect us and not to worry or be afraid.



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