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How to Project Power and Warmth

Be felt by others as effective and approachable

12 April 2020
eing felt as powerful and warm are two parts of being charismatic, as explained by Olivia Fox Cabane in her bool, The Charisma Myth, the one other part being being present.

People instinctively look for power and warmth in others. It is subconsciously and automatically done when we meet someone for the first time, and the impression will remain until that person does something to effectively counter that impression. Thus, first impressions matter.

It is important to project both power and warmth at the same time. A powerful person without warmth is seen as arrogant, cold and maybe scary. A warm person without power is seen as overeager, passive and even desperate.

How to Project Power

Firstly, you should appear as having power. One of the ways to do this is by overdressing. Even slightly overdressing is enough to give that impression.

However, the main giveaway of having power is your body language. The best way to have a body language that projects power is to believe it. That is, to believe that you do have power. By believing, your expressions, gestures and posture will automatically reflect power such that people will feel it. And if you have difficulty believing that you have power, then you must imagine it.

One thing about the mind is that it cannot discern imagination from reality. Actors often imagine themselves as the character they are playing. So if you imagine yourself as someone who has power, then your mind will believe it and your body language will follow.

How to Project Warmth

Warmth is also projected by body language. Imagine yourself a warm and friendly person with sincere goodwill towards others, your body language will follow. Even the tone of your voice. And even your smile; unlike a fake smile, your smile will be genuine and will be reflected in your eyes.

In the end, it's your belief or your imagination that will project your power and warmth. But to consistently believe or imagine something, you need to have willpower. So in the end, you need to work out your willpower.



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