Osman Mia

A Thinker and An Artist

Here he is, laughing away on the Bosphorus. Those were good days.

Osman Mia thinks he suffers from a criss-cross of the left and right brains. But that's just him overthinking things as usual.

He's best at strategising, setting up collaborations and getting things done. Even his painting technique is more project-like than impromptu. He recently found Mia Niaga after 28 years with the national oil company of Malaysia... to fully focus on what he does best. Only God knows how he will fare.

A certified coach, artist and an ex-corporate man who enjoys the good, clean and easy life with occasional travelling to interesting places. He prefers a balanced view on things, and good coffee. Check out his home coffee recipes!

A Malaysian and a Muslim. A married man with three children, living in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

What's this website about?

It's partly a pastime and partly a training on how to build a good practical website... among other things.

How to contact Osman

You can contact him via WhatsApp, via Messenger or using this convenient email form.


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