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The benefits of writing, and why you should write, too

27 March 2020
hese notes are meant to be useful for my visitors and I hope I can make a positive impact on them.

But writing is useful for me, too. When I write, I remember important things. Or if I discover something I want to remember but have forgotten, I could look it up and then remember it again. And sometimes, as I write, I get new ideas. And sometimes these ideas require me to look something up. All of these add to my knowledge. All in all, I become better, brighter and smarter.

It's not only writing but building up a website to house the notes. The notes have to be recorded, extracted and arranged to become pleasantly navigable, viewable and readable. So these notes not just help me practice writing, but also my HTML, CSS, Javascript and Perl. I used to learn them a long time ago and now I get to refresh myself.

That's why you should write, too. You may not want a design a website but you should at least have a blog and practice writing. It will help you arrange your thoughts, become more organised and even be smarter. You could even post on Medium.com and make some extra income.



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