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How to Quickly Get Into a Focused State

A technique that takes four seconds

31 March 2020
ometimes you might find yourself in a state where your mind wanders and you cannot focus. When this happens, a tip from the book, "Four Seconds," by Paul Bregman, can help reset your state and help you focus.

This tip also works when you are in a state of feeling desperate, exasperated or overwhelmed. You'll get into a state when you can make better decisions.

The tip goes like this:

1. Pause

2. Take a deep breath. Breathe in. Breathe out.

That's it. Two steps. It takes four seconds.

This technique works for me, but many times my focused state doesn't last long and my mind may start to wander again. So I have to pause, breathe in and breathe out again. You can do this, too. Do it as many times as you need.



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