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Why We Must Strengthen Our Willpower

It's the foundation of every success story

3 April 2020
illpower has several names: patience, self-control, discipline, determination, perseverance. But they are all the same. It is choosing to do something good that is seemingly difficult as opposed to something easy that's not so good.

Willpower is what you need to be able to stick with your workout regimen, your diet and your fasting routine.

Willpower is what helps you make better decisions at work and at home, instead of simply accepting what is easy. It is what allows you to be assertive in negotiations instead of easily accepting what the other side offers.

Willpower is what helps you to focus and be present, instead of allowing you mind to wander. Thus willpower has a direct effect on your charisma.

In Islam, willpower is "50% of faith," meaning that the strength of your faith very much depends on your willpower.

It is what will help you resist with your ego and be a better person overall.

It is what you must have to reach heights like you wouldn't believe.

From the book, "Willpower: Rediscovering Our Greatest Strength," by Roy F Baumeister and John Tierney, willpower is what you need to control your thoughts, your emotions, your impulses and your performance at tasks.

It is not easy. It takes energy and will eventually leave you exhausted. But it's also like a muscle. The more you work on your willpower, the stronger it becomes, and the longer you can last before getting exhausted.

Which is why we must continuously train our willpower by setting up habits and routines, and forcing ourselves to keep to them. The stronger our willpower is, the easier it becomes to further strengthen it.

For example, I am forcing myself to a schedule where I rise at 5.00 am to do my spiritual practices, to eat only one meal a day and to go to bed before midnight. I am also forcing myself to improve my posture by standing and sitting straight.

So take the steps to strengthen your willpower. And you'll find yourself easily able to take up challenges and meeting your goals.



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